Every business must create sustainable competitive advantages over time. One such advantage that can be created and that, in turn, is not easily imitated by competitors, is to have human talent with the required competencies focusing on customer satisfaction and continuous self-renewal. However, having competent and successful human capital is one of the greatest challenges for any organisation.



Human capital is characterised by:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Virtues

All these variables cause people to become something essential for the company; a driver of production, creativity and other factors that make them indispensable for professional and personal success.


In King’s Training Panama we know the importance of professional training for businesses

We have developed our Skills Academy, where we are experts in professional development.

Due to the importance that human capital and skills development have today for good functioning of organisations, King’s Training Panama has joined with People 1st, one of the best British organisations dedicated to the development of professionals and their capabilities, and to providing a unique service in Panama.

King’s Training Panama and People 1st have the objective of helping companies feel proud of the service they provide, thanks to the development of the capabilities of their workers.

King’s Training Panama wants to transform the idea that the country has towards the customer service.


Why Panama?

The purpose of the partnership launch with King’s Training Panama is to celebrate the new business line of King’s Training’s Skills Academy which is in partnership with People 1st.  The Academy will exclusively offer courses and certification of the core areas that People 1st offer:

  • Train the Trainer through the Group Training Certificate and Practical Training Certificate
  • Customer Service including Worldhost ®, and also services based around Retail and Management.

This is a clear example of bringing British expertise to Panama in a consolidated, long term project.  King’s Training has established itself since 2012 as a key partner for companies in areas such as Leadership, Management, Communication, Performance and Customer Service.  The Academy is the next step in broadening our expertise and depth with the help of People 1st, a leader in skills training with over 30 years’ experience.  King’s Training has the exclusive rights to deliver tried and tested courses with recognised certification in the fields of Train the Trainer and Customer Service.