WorldHost ® Customer Service Training

An interesting, flexible and proven way to deliver customer service training
Are you looking for an interesting, flexible and proven way to deliver customer service training in your business? WorldHost is the answer!

On the WorldHost Principles of Customer Service programme, participants will gain invaluable skills and techniques that are the fundamentals of service professionalism and will be encouraged to take pride in what they do and where they live.

WorldHost is a suite of customer service training programmes that covers all the essentials of service – from making a good first impression through to creating an outstanding experience to customers with disabilities, welcoming customers from different cultures, to driving sales through service and more.

The training is dynamic, interactive, and really helps people learn and remember the basic principles of great customer service. We can even train your own people to deliver the programmes in-house, for the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.


Businesses using WorldHost have reported:

  • Increased sales
  • Better working relationships within their teams
  • Improved customer feedback
  • Boosted motivation and satisfaction among staff
  • An increase in recommendations

You can also apply for WorldHost Recognition to become part of our national campaign to improve customer service, and promote your own excellent service to potential customers.

Our WorldHost Principles of Customer Service programme will give your staff the skills and knowledge to deliver excellent customer service that will give your business a great reputation.

We know that, in an increasingly competitive business environment, you need to work even harder to retain customers and win new ones – and that’s where we can help.

Through this interactive programme, we will get your staff to think about their own experiences of good and bad service, understand why their role has such an impact on your customers’ experience, and learn vital communication and listening skills that will set them up for success.



Your staff will learn:

  • Why customer service is such an important part of their rolepic11
  • How to make an excellent first impression and make customers feel welcome
  • How using customers’ names can help to create a good rapport, and techniques for remembering names
  • Communication skills for success
  • How to empathise with customers, and why handling their concerns is so important
  • Why listening is an essential part of the customer service process, and how to do it effectively
  • The value of tourism, and the important role they play in generating revenue for your business and the wider tourism economy
  • How to ´go the extra mile` – including making five commitments on how they will do this in your business


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