Language Coaching is a very specialised service that King’s Training Panama can offer to its customers. It is a very effective combination of English consultation and coaching. Often we need to display a certain level of English and a confidence in the language, to shine at a given time. This may be in important negotiations, a presentation, an international meeting, or sales or marketing at a trade show.

A specialist in business coaching who is an expert in the teaching of English helps and guides the client in preparing for these events. There is an initial interview to establish the goals and a personal plan is designed. The days and hours are tailored to the needs and availability of the client.

Truly a tailor-made solution for a specific need.

Effective Presentations, International Meetings, Negotiations, Sales and Marketing.



Pablo is the Country Manager for a multinational and will be hosting an International Meeting for Company Delegates from the Region at the end of the month. In this meeting, Pablo must give a presentation in English to approximately 90 colleagues. The presentation is in two parts; the first based around aspects of the business including financial and economic data, and the second part a more personal account of managing teams and motivating employees.

Pablo has not used his English very much in recent years and is concerned about his ability to give a polished presentation to his peers. It is clear that he needs guidance, support and training to better prepare himself for the event.

King’s Training Panama are asked to offer linguistic coaching to ensure a successful delivery of the presentation. This involves not only linguistic advice but also the marriage of those with guidance on presentation and public speaking in English which is more similar to coaching than straight language tuition. King’s Training staff who offer consultancy have linguistic, business and coaching skill sets.

There is also a psychological factor at play as Pablo actually speaks better than he thinks he does, so it is necessary to also work on his confidence and control of his nerves.



Planned around Pablo’s very busy schedule, approximately 15 hours of linguistic coaching was delivered based around the preparation and delivery of the actual presentation content that was delivered at the meeting.

Detected areas of improvement:

  • Pronunciation and intonation of sentences and phrases
  • Pronunciation, intonation and stress of longer words
  • Vocabulary resources
  • Linking words and fluency
  • Building confidence
  • Flow of the presentation and ability to refer to connecting slides
  • Sharing emotions and connecting with the audience in a second language