Training consultancies have important challenges in order to help companies address the skills gaps that exist between the required skills and the skills available in the market. According to Deloitte surveys, 50% of companies have had difficulties filling their vacancies because of the great demand for talent that exists in organisations.

King’s Training Panama has been established to help national and international companies in overcoming these challenges. KTP wants to become a strategic HR partner offering support and solutions for staff development in areas such as leadership, communication, performance, customer service, culture, values and labour relations, along with technical skills in project and finance management.

Unlike many other places, King’s Training Panama partners with its clients by building long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. This unique, dedicated and personalised way of understanding the training business has lead to KTP becoming a leader in its field and seeing international alliances flourish despite the difficult economic climate.

The training strategies are designed together with managers and are inextricably linked to the strategic business objectives. A deep needs analysis is carried out together with a skills gap analysis, to obtain a clear understanding of the business through its market, culture, jargon, history and strategy. The results are agreed upon before the custom design and delivery in Spanish or English according to needs.


Training effectiveness and business impact is measured through focus groups, questionnaires, observations, mentoring and coaching.

Since 2012, King’s Training Panama has worked with Panama’s flagship companies and, with the latest training techniques, is constantly developing new and improved services that will have an impact on the success of businesses in Panama and the surrounding region.


Skills gaps are one of the leading social and economic issues of our time. In Latin America and the Caribbean, more than in any other emerging region, companies are not seeing their skills needs being met. According to the World Bank Enterprise Surveys, 36% of firms say they struggle to find an adequately qualified work force, a percentage higher than in any other region in the world.

Based just outside of Panama City, King’s Training Panama has been established to serve the needs of the international business community as they face these challenges.  King’s Training Panama aims to become a strategic HR partner to businesses by offering consultancy, support and solutions in People Development in areas such as leadership, communication, performance management, cross cultural awareness, customer service and employee relations along with organisational skills including project management and finance.

servicio al cliente capacitación en servicio al clienteTraining strategies are built together with the business decision makers and are inextricably linked to the strategic objectives of the company.  The in-depth needs analysis defines clear outcomes and expectations, the bespoke design and facilitative delivery is carried out, and results and impact are evaluated by a clear, measurable follow up. This unique, bespoke and dedicated approach has embedded the Panamanian division as a leader in their field and sees international partnerships flourish, despite today’s tough economic climate.

In its first three years, King’s Training Panama is already working with the most emblematic and important companies in Panama and is developing more services and expertise to build long-lasting relationships which will have an impact on business success here in Panama and in the region.