Leadership Training


This is one of the areas most requested by organisations. Across the globe companies are struggling to strengthen their team leaders but, in spite of this effort, the leader development gap continues to grow. According to the Deloitte Global Trends survey, 86% of all business managers and HR say that leadership is one of their most important challenges.

In such a changing and competitive world, leadership training is essential because of the need to have knowledgeable leaders that can drive business strategies, innovate, motivate, engage and achieve the results necessary to ensure the success of companies, their staff and their communities. Companies that fail to train good leaders lose a key advantage against their competitors.

King’s Training Panama are experts in leadership training and have vast experience in business leadership development programmes. From the definition of a leader’s profile that fits with the culture and strategic direction of an organisation, to the extent of skills gaps, training, coaching, mentoring and project follow-up, KTP is the partner par excellence in Leadership projects.

There is no standard solution to leadership training, given that each company has its own needs, culture and unique structure. In King’s Training Panama the solutions are tailored and truly support the development of leaders that have a great impact in achievement of objectives and in production levels, satisfaction and teams’ commitment.


“Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality”. 

Warren Bennis, modern leadership studies guru.

Leadership Areas:

Leadership and motivation


Leadership and motivation are directly related. A leadership style that stimulates human development; that helps to link the raison d’etre of the job with strategic goals; that is constant and consistent in messages and values, and manages and assesses the performance towards goals mutually agreed, has a impact on the motivation and commitment levels of each employee.


Leadership and time management

Leadership and time management are almost always included as training topics. Time management, as part of leadership, manifests itself through learning resource prioritisation and organisation, the analysis of efficiency through the Stephen Covey’s quadrants, the skills of delegation and team development, and the many other good leadership skills.


Leadership and empowerment

Leadership and empowerment is for leaders who are already more developed and experienced. Empowerment is the ability of a company to create the conditions that allow individuals and/or groups to assume responsibilities with a greater sense of commitment and personal support for the work. Empowerment creates greater participation and contribution in planning and decision-making, promotes creativity and innovation and increases the sense of responsibility and commitment.
Empowerment requires an environment of trust towards employees, as the practice promotes models of shared leadership where employees are the real protagonists of their own work, not just robots following instructions. It increases engagement, participation and delivery.



Leadership and influence

Leadership and influence are an obvious marriage – leaders exert influence over people instead of wielding power. In the training we analyse and reflect on aspects such as:

  • Knowing it is power and the importance it has in leadership.
  • Understanding how power and other factors affect your ability to influence.
  • Learn strategies to increase influence and know what kind of influence to apply.
  • Understand the Do’s and the Don’ts of persuasion.
  • Understand why organisational change is so difficult and why we need to use influence and persuasion skills in these processes.


Examples of training actions carried out with current clients:

  • Team Management and Leadership
  • Teamwork – Improving Team Performance
  • Communications for Engagement
  • Communication skills: Assertiveness
  • Customer service audit.
  • Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring
  • Effective Sales teams / Negotiation
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Effective Presentation with NLP
  • Workshop for Newly Created Teams.
  • Managing across Cultures
  • Stepping in to Management
  • Motivational Workshop for Teams
  • Train the Trainer
  • Shakleton – Leadership on the Edge.
  • Sun Tzu – The Art of War: Workshop to define Organisational Leadership Style


We also offer Training Actions which include elements of Experiential Learning using tools designed by MTA.

These services can be carried out in either Spanish or English and although we are based in Panama, we also travel to other Countries to carry out Projects and Seminars.