Our objective is to help Companies optimise the time; effort and investment they make to achieve the results they really want. 

The starting point in HR is the reflection that 90% of personal and professional development training tells us things that we already know.  If this reflection is true:

  • Why aren’t we able to retain people with talent and potential?
  • Why is change so difficult to achieve?  Why do we repeat the same mistakes?
  • How can we implement best practices and create a learning environment within the company?
  • Why don’t action plans and projects reach their objectives or aren’t completed in the right way or within the time frame?
  • Why aren’t our teams more proactive and why don’t they show more initiative?
  • How can we develop managers and leaders for the future of the business?
  • How can we improve communication and relationships?

Our objective is to help you optimise the time; effort and investment that you make to achieve the results that you really want. Companies are demanding a better quality service with more innovation, more involvement and commitment from the supplier all at the best possible price. In King’s College Training Division we are convinced that there is still a long way to go in improving the service that the Training Sector offers to Companies and this can only be achieved by Client and Supplier working closely together in a mutually beneficial environment. Our success can only be measured by achieving the results that you set out to reach.

As great knowledge facilitators, King’s Training Panama is founded on a basic premise: Many personal and/or professional development or change activities speak to us of things we already know.

If this premise is correct:pic3

  • Why is it so hard to recruit, promote and retain people with talent and potential?
  • Why is change so difficult to achieve? Why can’t we change the way we do things?
  • How can we introduce best practices and promote a culture of continuous learning in the organisation?
  • Why do action plans and projects fail to achieve their objectives or are never completed?
  • Why do my team not display more initiative and proactivity?
  • How can we develop middle managers and executives to ensure the future of the business?

We really need to reflect on defining where we are, what we do and how and why we do things a certain way. Many training initiatives fail due to poor planning and a lack of actual goals, along with a lack of rigorous follow-up.

Our goal is to help you optimise the time, effort, and investment used in achieving the changes you really desire.


How can we do this?

We conduct an in-depth study of the current situation and assist in the clear definition of final objectives. This difference is evaluated and a proposal is formulated in relation to this specification. Our training activities include coaching sessions as a tracking tool, ensuring that results are implemented.


Working together with you to achieve success


In 2015, Spanish companies gave an average of 31 hours of training to each employee, allocating a total of €210 million to the procurement of external services. Businesses demand greater quality and innovation in these services, coupled with increased commitment on the part of the provider and all at the best price.

King’s Training Panama are convinced that there is a lot of room for improvement in the training sector and that this is a journey that can only be carried out by companies and suppliers working together in an environment of engagement, where our success will be measured by satisfaction in achieving the expected results.

Our specific areas of expertise are in counselling, the presentation of proposals, design and implementation of effective training strategies and working closely with HR or team managers. The training strategies include all necessary coaching elements to ensure implementation of the action plan or conclusions and the achievement of tangible measurable results.