One of the most important is the ‘Home Divino Niño’, an orphanage located close to the college that was created in 1993 as a protection home for children under the age of 5 who have been victims of, or who are in situations of, abuse or neglect. Every year we receive all kinds of funds and donations in support of infrastructure and the visits of our teachers and children.

We have also been able to provide support to Ivana Escobar. The donation has helped make possible an operation that has greatly improved Ivana’s quality of life. She came with her mother to visit us to show us her progress.

Over the last three years we have donated funds to HabloEnglish – English Classes for the Community of Casco Viejo: Few things can change your life as much as learning another language. For the low-income community of the Casco Viejo, this is a golden opportunity that will open doors to the growing tourism sector and to personal growth.