“Our Vision is to be at the forefront of Professional education and Training Internationally”

Our mission is to provide high quality adult education and training that delivers a transformative learning experience to all our clients. Engaging and effective teaching, facilitating and coaching based on our core values with strong relationships and a clear understanding of our clients business needs enables participants on our courses to achieve their full potential leading to fulfilling and productive careers. At the same time we nurture their individual talents and emphasise the importance of emotional and social development. We are determined to make a positive difference to the future of our clients, their staff and their families. This also applies to us a team internally and to the wider community in which we operate.


King’s Group has a long and distinguished tradition of leadership within the education sector. The British schools in Asia and Latin America find a source of inspiration in King’s and admire our extensive knowledge in all educational areas. Leadership is one of our greatest strengths. The vision and mission of our company is not only something we aspire to, but it is a real, meaningful and positive fact that we all strive to continue building upon.

Sir Roger Fry CBE DLitt
President and Founder

King’s Group